Culinary identity


Let us take you on a journey through Brittany with a new gastronomic experience, harmoniously blending the treasures of the land and sea, while sublimating the vegetation.

Interpreted by our Chef Marie-Léa Coulon, the Breton terroir will surprise you and take you on a journey through its generous, luminous flavors…

Marie-Léa’s cuisine is a veritable ode to the love of the land she has adopted, surprising you with its authenticity and boldness, without forgetting the eco-responsibility and seasonal requirements she holds dear.

In each dish that our Chef Marie-Léa imagines, nature reveals itself in a new light… Her approach is to ennoble each product without denaturing it. She cooks to sublimate the primary flavors of each food, delivering on a plate the full potential of a simple tomato or fish.

At Jardin de l’Abbaye, Brittany in all its pluralities invites you to share a unique gastronomic experience, where each bite tells a story and celebrates the region’s culinary heritage.

The restaurant is open at lunchtime for groups of 20 or more – please contact us to arrange a group menu.

The restaurant is open in the evening from Tuesday to Saturday from 7pm, with last service at 8:30pm.

Open to hotel guests and visitors alike. Pets are not allowed in the restaurant.

Cuisine of the restaurant the hotel l'abbaye


We work with local, fresh, seasonal ingredients to offer you authentic, inventive cuisine that invites you to discover Brittany through a unique gastronomic experience, skillfully blending the riches of the sea and the products of the land, while highlighting plant-based ingredients.

Cellar of the restaurant the hotel l'abbaye


At Le Jardin de L'Abbaye, we're here to help you create the perfect food and wine pairing. Our wines are also available at the bar, ready to be enjoyed at any time of day.

fresh ingredients restaurant brittany


Our priority is to use local, seasonal produce, reflecting our commitment to "field to plate" cooking that respects the origin of ingredients. The freshness of flavors is a major concern for our Chef. We select producers located less than 10 minutes from our establishment, enabling us to place precise orders while reducing food waste.

Chef Marie-Léa Coulon

As the granddaughter of farmers, my origins and passion for cooking are fully rooted in the terroir. My education at the Ferrandi school, enriched by internships in bistronomic and then Michelin-starred establishments, deeply nourished this passion and shaped my culinary expertise.

My adopted Brittany left an indelible mark, and after a number of enriching experiences, I joined Le Jardin de l'Abbaye as second chef alongside Romain Verzi. Today, at the head of the brigade, I want to continue developing the establishment by bringing tastes, flavors and scents to life, and by sharing my love of herbs and flowers with everyone.