Saint Suliac, a legendary village

The territory of Saint Suliac has been inhabited since the Paleolithic by Neanderthals, the megalith of Chablé shows the importance of this place during the prehistoric time. Later, it was the Vikings who settle down in Saint Suliac, the remains of their ancien fortress can be seen at low tigh.
The name of Saint suliac comes from an hermit monk who built a monastery during the VIth century on the top of the hill. This monastery had slowly been abandonned to the benefit of the Abbaye Notre Dame du Tronchet, meanwhile, the village will develop here.
The town which main street leads directly to the port is a fishermen’s’ village. Its sailor joined cod fishing boats through the Atlantic toward Newfoundland and later some of them were found on privateer.

Saint-Suliac Today

Saint Suliac has stayed a fishermen’s village while the roundabout became popular as resort locations, this is the reason why it kept its old charms and aspect. Main activity, the whole town is looking at the port. The village has been entitled as one of the most beautiful village of France since 1999. You will be carried away by its small and tight streets and its path on the bank of the Rance with awesome point of view.

How to go to Saint Suliac from the Hotel de l’Abbaye

Via D137 – 20 km by car
Via D75 and N176 – 18.8 km by car