Rennes, a historical city

Rennes was founded during the Gallo-roman era, on the 2nd century BC, and was known as Condate. Door to Brittany, the town grew and spread in a quiet and peaceful time thank to commercial exchange.
Joining the Kingdom of Brittany, it became one of its main town and welcomed several institutions of this kingdom. The town was home of Anne de Bretagne where she was crowned Duchess before conceding to marry the King of France, ending Britain independence. Rennes however kept an important role in its region and welcomed the Brittany parliament. This building was one of the few spared by the great fire which destroyed the town in 1720 AD. With the reconstruction, the center of Rennes was changed and renewed and get dressed of its most symbolic buildings, its city hall, its opera.

Rennes Today

Biggest town of Britany, Rennes is a historical, economic, cultural and sportive center. Enjoy its subway to get a green getaway in the Parc du Thabor, or discover by walk the old pedestrian streets lined with timber framed houses. You will be seduced by its must-see patrimony. At the Beaux-arts museum or at the science hall, you will obviously find a museum you like.
All year long, the city hosts lots of musical and artistic festivals, including the famous Transmusicales in December. Rennes often welcomes exhibition and congress for which a new place ha been dedicated, the convent of the Jacobins.

How to go to Rennes from the hotel de l’abbaye

Via D137 – 55 km by car
Via D795 and D137 – 50 km by car