hotel de charme proche du Mont saint Michel


The Hôtel de l’Abbaye, a hotel near by the Mont St Michel, famous and touristic place in France

The Mont Saint-Michel is 30 minutes from the Hôtel de l’Abbaye. It is the third most visited touristic place in France, with 3,5 millions of visitors eache year. The Mont Saint-Michel is an usual place, a unique attraction in the whole world. Let’s enjoy a stay at the Hôtel de l’Abbaye to go and admire the Mont Saint-Michel.

The place

The Mont Saint-Michel is a rocky island isolated from land on which was built a superb gothic cathdral, as well as a small village. Its isolation on this rocks in the middle of the sea make it an extraordinary place. The architecure of the place is really unsual and must be seen. Its cathedral is a marvel planted on the middle of this rock, and each year attracts more people who come to contemplate this mythical place.

History of the Mont Saint Michel

According to the legend, Aubert, bishop of Avranches would have received the order to build a church on this rock from archangel Michael, in year 709. Slowly the church grew bigger to become a superb gothic cathedral and welcomed numerous small religious communities as well as a small number of unhabitants who settled on this rock.
The Mont Saint-Michel was, during the medieval time, one of the most important pilgrimage place, with Rome and Compostelle.

The tides

The Mont Saint-Michel offers the peculiarity of having the biggest tides in all europe, going up to 15 meters, isolating the the mont Saint Michel in the middle of the sea. The tides then retire very fast, leaving the mont saint michel in the middle of sanddune. This curious and extraordinary phenomenon happens 53 days a year and bring lots of people to see it. It is indeed a fantastic spectacle one does not want to miss, and you can not come to the emeraude coast without having a look at this fabulous place in France.


How to go to the Mont Saint-Michel, from the Hôtel de l’Abbaye


Via N176 - 45,3 km by car