Medieval fortress

Fougères had its first castle built as soon as the Xth century. On the border of three regions, Brittany, Normandy and Maine, the town of Fougères was a strategic place. Both French and English lusted for it. The town have known many battles and have been besiege several times which gave it through centuries an impressive fortress to defend itself.
Industrial Revolution transformed Fougères into the Capital of shoes, increasing its wealth and its population which set up next to the Nançon river. Alongside the popular neighborhood, factories get dressed with sumptuous ornament still apparent today. They are the reflection of Fougères’ opulence a this era thanks to shoes industry.
As French revolution abolished Brittany’s privilege, in Fougères, such as its neighbor Vitré, the populations was divided between royalists and republicans. The town was part of the Chouans revolt.

Fougères Today

You’ll discover the high town which hides behind its fortress old half-timbered houses and Mansions build in the XVIIIth century. You will enjoy the lively visits of the castle and its large park which brings you into the medieval era.
Such as Victor Hugo, you will be seduced by this city of art and history wich combines an exceptional patrimony to pleasant parks and natural sites on the Nançon river.

How to go to Fougères

Via D155 : 60 km
Via N176 : 70 km