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At the beggining of the century.

Dinard was a vacation resort in France for rich english aristocrats in the early 1900’s, who had made this place their seaside town. They discovered and converted Dinard, which was only a small little harbour and put it into one of the most important touristic city in Europe. Dinard’s beaches are famous for its wooden cabins which competed with the beaches of Nice and the coast of Azure. Dinard, only a few kilometres from the english coast was an ideal place for aristocrats who would come to enjoy its nice climate and its sea swimming.

Dinard, Today.

Dinard has kept alived most of the villas built at that time by the aristocrats, somptuouses villas with interesting art-deco architecture, typical from this epoc. This legacy of 400 superb english villas is registered as an official cultural patrimony and Dinard has received the title of « town of art and history » in 2002, acknowledging its exceptional historical inheritance. But Dinard is far from being only a vestige from the past. Rebuilt and developped from the 60’s, it is today a high place of culture, where a lot of interesting events are organised each year and where one can continue to admire its 9 kilometres of shore and its 4 principal beaches. Tourists continue to come, both for its rich past and the eternal beauty of its littoral and beaches.

How to go to Dinard, from the Hotel de l’Abbaye


- 29,7km by car