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Cancale, in the Mont Saint-Michel bay in France

Cancale is amongst the famous cities of the Emeraude Coast, along with Saint Malo, Dinan and Dinard. Located in the bay of the Mont Saint Michel, Cancale has a long history that goes back to the neolithic period. Cancale has then known a Gallo Roman occupation, before a welsh monk evangelised the the place and made it a christian land.

Cancale, land of fishers

What has made the reputation of Cancale since a long time is its fishers, who crossed the atlantic oceans in long journeys of fishing. When they came back from their adventures, then fished on the coast and picked up oysters.

Cancale oysters

The celebrity of Cancale is tied to its oysters. They were already famous at the time of François Ier, who loved so much to eat them at its royal table that he gave to Cancale the official title of « city ».
Cancale’s oysters have been famous for a long time for their subtle taste. Their fishing, however, has much changed over time. Indeed, at the time of the king, the oysters were wild, but they began to be cultivated and their fishing was ruled, to maintain their production alive.
Today, one principally finds japonese oysters in Cancale, since this race is the most resistant to oyster’s diseases. It is still as tasty as it was at the time of the king.

how to go to Cancale, from the Hotel de l’Abbaye


Via N176 - 30,5 km by car

Via D73 - 28,4 km by car